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An individual who is supportive of LGBT people and the right to respect and equality in society as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person is known as an "Ally". As a group we refer to them as “LGBT Allies”.

The survey is about LGBT Allies at work. You may be an an Ally - or not. You might be an LGBT person - or not. The survey is for everyone.

Out Now is an LGBT specialist consultancy with 25 years experience. The project asks people from workplaces across the world to tell us what they think. The survey should take around 6 - 8 minutes to complete. You can see the progress of the survey in an indicator at the top right of each screen. Write-in questions are optional but we are grateful, if you have time, to share your thoughts there too.

Some write-in questions are optional and you can provide as much - or as little - detail as you wish to. If you are not currently working, please answer in relation to your most recent job/work experience.

You complete the survey anonymously. The research is confidential and your individual responses will never be related to your identity.

If you would like to participate in future Out Now research, you are welcome to leave your information at the end of this survey, but you do not have to.

One important point - at the end of the survey, be sure to continue through until you reach the 'Thank you' screen so your answers become part of the research. Please consider sharing this survey link as widely as possible: http://www.Work.LGBT in your social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc), with colleagues - including in other countries - and with friends or family members you think could be interested.

Later this year, Out Now will release key research findings in a free download report about LGBT Allies and the issues they can face.

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Thank you for participating. Your input can make a real difference to help others.
If you have any questions on this survey, please contact Out Now. All content is copyright 2016 for the world by Out Now.
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